VirtualBank eMoney Market Review: 1.80% APY (Nationwide)

Available nationwide, apply for a VirtualBank‘s eMoney Money Market Account today to earn 1.80% APY that is guaranteed for one year. Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know about VirtualBank.

About VirtualBank eMoney Money Market Account

VirtualBank is a division of IBERIABANK, a United-States based commercial bank over $30 billion in assets and is federally insured by FDIC. The Bank provides a comprehensive array of financial services including retail banking, commercial banking, business banking, private banking and mortgages.

Built for security and ease of use, they provide their clients with the tools and information they need to manage their finances right at their fingertips.

I’ll review VirtualBank eMoney Money Market Account below.

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VirtualBank eMoney Money Market 1.80% Rate

New customers simply need to visit the VirtualBank’s website, open an account, and meet account balance requirements to start earning a higher yield! You must be a first-time holders of these accounts to qualify.

  • Minimum Balance: None
  • Maximum Balance: None
  • Account Type: eMoney Money Market Account
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Credit Inquiry: Unknown.
  • Opening Deposit: $100
  • Credit Card Funding: Unknown
  • Direct Deposit Requirement: No
  • Monthly Fee: None

(FDIC Insured)

*Best Hub Bank Account- Very Important Account If You Chase Bank Rate*
American Express Personal Savings Account – You earn 1.70% interest rate along with no minimum deposits or monthly fees. Amex Personal Savings has been my favorite Hub account for the past 5 years. Using this account to Pull/Push your money is absolutely necessary when you have many accounts. Here’s why:

*No dollar limitations for ACH transfers – When you find a top bank rate account, you don’t want to be limited to just $5K or $10K transfers. Amex Savings will let you transfers as much as you want whether you are pulling or pushing money from and to an external bank account.
*1 to 2 business days ACH transfers speed –  With top-notch user interface, you get your money to another external account or pull money from another bank account within a day or two.
*No loss of interest during transfers – On the day you initiate your transaction on the Personal Savings website, the funds will be reflected in your Current Balance and begin earning interest.

Some other features from American Express Personal Savings include Free Wire Transfers, 3 maximum linked accounts, and maximum 6 ACH withdrawals per month.

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VirtualBank ACH Capabilities & Limits

ACH Type Speed Daily $ Limit Monthly $ Limit Notes
Push ? ? ?
Pull ? ? ?

Editor’s Note: Help us with the table above in the comment section if you have experience with VirtualBank’s ACH capabilities.

How to Earn VirtualBank Rate

  1. Open a eMoney Money Market Account from VirtualBank with an opening deposit of $100.
  2. Input your info – Provide your name, address, phone, email and social security number or Tax ID.
  3. Fund the account – Transfer funds electronically from an internal account here or an external account at another bank.
  4. Earn the intro 1.80% APY.
Balance Requirement APY Rate
$0.01+ 1.80% APY

Why You Should Sign Up For This Account

  • No monthly service fees regardless of the balance
  • Convenience of free bill pay and free online/mobile banking for check deposits
  • Free paper checks & mobile check deposits.
  • Have direct access to your money whenever you want 24/7
  • Deposits will be FDIC insured up to $250,000 in addition to other digital security measures

Bottom Line

To open VirtualBank‘s eMoney MMA, you must have an opening balance of at least $100. Don’t allow this yield to slip through your hands. VirtualBank promises to always keep their yield high, so this is a great opportunity to partner up with VirtualBank’s guaranteed high yield!

Let us know about your experience with this bank and comment below. For more bank offers, see the complete list of Best Bank Rates!

Check back often to see the latest info on VirtualBank Online Savings Account.

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