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Obesity has become disturbingly widespread according to World Health Organization, affecting people from all walks of life. People are trying to lose weight using various ways and methods but are sadly becoming disappointed because of very minimal results if not none. If you are also struggling losing weight despite trying every way you know how,…

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Forget 2% Interest: Beat the Market With This Stock!

Business accounting concept, Business man using calculator with computer laptop, budget and loan paper in office.

Coming into a new year and a new decade, it is always a good time to re-evaluate your financial position and strategy. If you have been wise over the last decade, you may have established a solid monthly savings plan and maybe even saved up enough to have built a three- to six-month emergency reserve fund. Congratulations! If you have been really prudent over the past decade, you might even have cash left over just sitting in a savings account. Extra congratulations!

Savings accounts aren’t as good as they seem

If that cash is sitting in a major bank’s saving account, you might be lucky to have a special offer and earn between 0.85% and 1.25% interest per year. If you were really prudent and did your research, you may have found a high interest savings account) with an online bank or financial services provider that pays you between 2% and 2.50% interest per year.

This might seem like a decent return, considering you have very little downside risk holding cash in a savings account. However, taken holistically, it is not. As of October 2019, the Canadian Consumer Price Index (which measures inflation in Canada) was sitting at 1.9%. This means that the cost of goods and services that you require to live is presently increasing by 1.9%. Subtract your maximum 2.50% interest earned, and you are really only ending up with future buying power of 0.6%.

If you have cash sitting around and have a long-term investment horizon (say, the next 10 years), then why not get invested in one of the best operating companies in Canada?

Invest in a market leader like BAM

I would like to introduce you to Brookfield Asset Management (TSX:BAM.A)(NYSE:BAM), also referred to as just BAM. While it resides within the financial services sector, BAM is really an alternative asset manager managing/operating various public and private investment vehicles that focus on real estate, infrastructure, renewables, private equity, and now credit with the recent acquisition of Oaktree Capital.

BAM has seen incredible performance over the previous decade, seeing its shares rise over 480% beating both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ. While past performance is no indicator of future success, it indicates one thing: BAM knows how to manage capital effectively. BAM is still lead by CEO Bruce Flatt and a top team of contrarian investors/managers. They find the best assets (utilities, pipelines, rail roads, real estate, businesses) in the worst markets or worst situations across the world, often buying them at liquidation prices. Through restructuring, investing capital, and prudent management, they often turn these businesses into cash flow machines, which they either hold onto for the long term or sell at significantly higher multiples.

While the stock has always looked expensive, it is still not too late to buy. There are a number of catalysts that should continue to drive this company forward. First, with interest rates expected to be lower for longer, BAM believes there will be a huge shift of institutional capital from bonds toward alternative assets that can meet their yield target requirements. This presents a huge opportunity; we are talking trillions of dollars moving to alternatives, and BAM is positioned to manage a good share of that capital.

Second, the shifting and growing demand for alternative cash flow-producing assets should act to significantly increase the value of their present portfolio of assets. The company noted during its investor day that every 100-point reduction in the cap rate of its assets should result in $20 of value per BAM share.

Finally, BAM should succeed in an economic boom or recession. With ample cash on the balance sheet, a recession means the company can begin to purchase more high-quality assets at distressed prices. Also, with the new addition of Oaktree, which specializes in distressed debt, BAM stands to do very well if the economy takes a downturn a balance sheets become stretched.

Overall, BAM is an excellent quality business, with high-quality management and high-quality, long-term assets. BAM should be a core holding for every Canadian’s investment portfolio. Why waste your time earning 2% interest in a savings account when you can earn a growing 1.06% dividend yield and a decade of growth opportunities to come?

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The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Brookfield Asset Management. The Motley Fool recommends BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT INC. CL.A LV. Fool contributor Robin Brown owns shares in Brookfield Asset Management.

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Race to save animals on Australia’s fire-ravaged ‘Galapagos’

On an island famed as Australia’s “Galapagos” for its unique and abundant wildlife, rescuers are racing to save rare animals in a bushfire-ravaged landscape.

The charred forest floor on Kangaroo Island is littered with corpses of animals incinerated by the blazes that swept through two weeks ago.

Unprecedented fires across swathes of southern and eastern Australia over the past five months have killed an estimated billion animals.

With forests and coastal areas roughly the size of Portugal burnt through, environmentalists fear the fires will drive some species to extinction.

On Kangaroo Island — home to unique koalas, the critically endangered mouse-like dunnart and many threatened plants — concerns are particularly acute.

Amid the stench of rotting animal flesh, rescuers are combing the island’s Flinders Chase National Park looking for injured, lost and starving animals.

“When we found this area we never thought anything could have survived, but we have pulled survivors out of there every day,” Kelly Donithan, a Humane Society International crisis response specialist, told AFP while on patrol this week.

But with huge parts of the animals’ habitats destroyed, the chances of many surviving are fading by the day.

“Time is of the essence,” Donithan said.

“Every day that goes by, the animals get weaker and weaker and their organs are becoming more susceptible to irreparable damage.”

Deathly silence

Kangaroo Island, a short ferry ride from Adelaide in South Australia, was before the fires a popular tourist destination because of its pristine landscape and wildlife.

One of its most famous animals is the glossy black cockatoo, a bird with a bright tail that is extinct on the mainland.

But as rescuers walked through the death zones of the national park on Wednesday, no birds could be heard.

Another top concern is the Kangaroo Island dunnart, a small grey marsupial which was already facing extinction before the blazes.

“We think there were about 500 of them left (before the fires),” Zoos South Australia chief executive Elaine Bensted told national broadcaster ABC.

She said most of the dunnarts were in the western part of the island, which has been most severely impacted by the fires, many still burning.

‘Insurance’ koalas

The rescuers say it is difficult to find small species that have survived so their focus has mainly been on larger animals.

These notably include the local koala population, the only one in Australia entirely free of chlamydia — a sexually transmitted infection also found in humans that is fatal to the marsupials.

This has made them a key “insurance population” for the future of the species.

They are even more crucial now that huge numbers of koalas are feared to have died in the bushfires on the Australian mainland.

Australian Environment Minister Sussan Ley this week said koalas had taken an “extraordinary hit” and could be listed as endangered for the first time.

Rescued koalas are being taken to a makeshift sanctuary at Kangaroo Island’s Wildlife Park.

But some are so badly injured that they are having to be euthanised.

The battle to save remaining wildlife creates a “rollercoaster of emotions”, Humane Society International’s Evan Quartermain said.

“Sometimes we’re out there for hours walking through catastrophic landscapes (with) hundreds and hundreds of bodies on the ground… and you get down — you can’t help it — it’s extremely traumatic,” he told AFP.

“But then you find a (koala) joey at the end of the day and we bring it in and we give it a chance and we’re filled with joy.”


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Talbots Promotions: $10 Off $10.01 Promo Code, Etc

Find the latest promotions, coupons, and discounts for Talbots here!

If you’re a fan of Talbots woman apparel or like to save while you shop then make sure to check back here because we try to keep this page updated for ways for you to save when shopping at Talbots.

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About Talbots

Established in 1947, Talbots is now headquartered in Hingham, Massachusetts. The American specialty retailer and direct marketer of women’s clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. The company’s retail operation comprises approximately 80% of its overall business, with the other 20% conducted via catalog and internet.

Current Talbots Promotions

$10 Off $10.01 Promo Code

$10 Off $10.01 Promo Code

$10 Off $10.01 Promo Code

Right now, Talbots is currently offering a promotion where you can get $10 off of a purchase of $10.01 or more. Be sure to apply promo code N01112223 at checkout. The given promotional code is limited and will expire fairly soon so hurry to take advantage of this opportunity to save while you can.

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Bottom Line 

How can you resist huge savings on high quality clothes? Stay on top of the latest trends and styles by shopping at Talbot. Make sure to check back here for more savings when you shop! If you’re a fan of deals like these, check out more ways on how to save money on HMB!

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High Court states SDP’s appeal against POFMA correction directions will be heard in chambers, not in open court

The court appeal by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) against the correction directions issued by Manpower Minister Josephine Teo, will not be heard in open court by the public or media, but in private chambers, says the High Court.

This announcement follows SDP’s application to the judge to have the case heard in open court.

A High Court spokesman told local media that the SDP’s appeal against the corrections was filed by way of an originating summons.

According to the rules of the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA), if anyone wishes to appeal to the High Court against the orders of the ministers, it must be brought by an originating summons, with a supporting affidavit to be filed at the same time.

The High Court noted that the rules of court provide that all originating summonses shall be heard in chambers, subject to directions of the court, among other things.

“As the Pofma appeal was filed by way of an originating summons, the appeal was hence arranged to be heard in chambers instead of open court,” the spokesman said.

Correction Order by Manpower Minister Josephine Teo challenged by SDP

SDP is applying to cancel the three correction orders for two of SDP’s posts on Facebook and an article on the party’s website. Since the minister has decided to reject the cancellation application by the party, they have taken the matter to Court, as provided for under POFMA.

SDP had earlier noted on its website on Monday (13 January) that the matter is set to be heard in chambers rather than in open court, meaning that the public and the media will not be allowed to attend.

The party said in its website, “This will be the first thing we do when the session is convened on Thursday morning. If the judge allows our application, the case will, presumably, be transferred to and continued in Court 6F.”

It added, “Given that the matter has drawn widespread and intense public interest, the SDP is of the view that the case be open to the public.”

The party noted in its statement that the issue of POFMA has received strong criticism from various parties while the issue of foreign talent flowing the country’s labour market is another hotly debated topic in the public sphere.

Given that these two subjects will be a matter of debate in the looming general election, the party is appealing to make the hearing open to the public.

The statement concluded with a quote by prominent Welsh judge Lord Atkin which goes, “Publicity is the very soul of justice. It is the keenest spur to exertion, and the surest of all guards against improbity.”

The case so far

On 14 December, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issued correction directions to the SDP for three postings it made online relating to employment trends in Singapore. The MOM alleged that SDP’s statements are false.

The party was directed under POFMA to carry a correction notice on each of the three posts which includes a link to the government’s Factually site, debunking SDP’s statements with MOM’s own data.

While SDP complied with the directions, the party also refuted MOM’s claims that their statements are false and misleading, noting that the information was based on data that MOM published itself.

The party then submitted an application to Ms Teo to cancel the correction directions, but the application was rejected. Ms Teo said that the party did not provide sufficient grounds for its appeal. However, no further explanation was given on how the SDP’s application was lacking.

Consequently, the party released a statement to say that MOM’s rejection and the answer given “is not a rational answer”, and called MOM’s response a “cop-out”. The party contends that it submitted a “detailed account – including analysing MOM’s own statistics – of the reasons for the statements in our posts.”

The party also hit back at Ms Teo for not being able to give an adequate explanation for her rejection of the appeal despite having the time to do so.

They said, “Minister Josephine Teo, despite having the entire Ministry and its officials at her disposal with two full working days and an entire weekend to refute our specific arguments, has refused or been unable to do so. This is telling,” it wrote.

The party then revealed it is “left with no choice” but to pursue the matter in Court, adding that it has filed an originating summons against Ms Teo in the High Court.

They also said that they will not be engaging a lawyer but instead will argue the matter themselves.

The party also emphasised that another reason it is taking legal action is because “Ms Teo’s order is an abuse of the law”.

The party explained that if the correction directions issued by Ms Teo are upheld, then “the last holdout where important national issues are openly and robustly debated on the Internet in Singapore would be irreparably closed”.

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