Online users dismiss study’s claim that says Singaporeans don’t have work-life balance because they’re dedicated to their job

Based on a new study by Kisi – a keyless access technology company – released on Wednesday (7 August), it was found that Singapore performed badly when it comes to work-life balance as it placed in the bottom quarter of 40 cities.

The city-state took the 32nd spot, although it is still placed higher than other selected Asian countries like Hong Kong, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.

This is mainly due to the high amount of time Singaporeans dedicate to their jobs.

If that is not all, Singapore was also placed second for top overworked cities, which included factors like vacation days taken, paid maternal and parental leave as well as the amount of full-time employees working more than 48 hours per working week.

The study titled “Cities for the Best Work-Life Balance 2019” revealed a ranking of cities based on their success in promoting work-life balance to their citizens by comparing data on work intensity, institutional support, legislation and livability.

Upon gathering the results, the cities that scored really well and topped the chart for overall work-life balance were Helsinki, Munich and Oslo. On the other hand, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Buenos Aires took the bottom three spots.

In terms of how these 40 cities were picked, Kisi said all these cities were included because they’re known to attract professionals and families for their work opportunities and diverse lifestyles offerings.

After the selection, the cities were then given a score based on 20 factors. Apart from work intensity factors, other points considered were related to society and institution, like gender equality and access to mental healthcare, as well as city livability factors such as safety, air pollutants and outdoor spaces.

As for how the data was gathered, it was taken from different sources including government and international organisation databases, other published indexes and companies like Expedia and USB,

Kisi chief executive Bernhard Mehl expressed that he hopes the results of the study will emphasise the need to do more research into taking care the well-being of citizens in order to curb the psychological and economic costs of workplace stress.

“Despite living in an era where unprecedented advancements have been made in technology and connectivity, we have failed to address the most everyday aspect of enhancing our everyday lives-finding the balance between work and leisure,” he noted.

Even though Singapore ranked poorly in terms of work intensity and how society and institution support individual wellness, but the city-state managed to take the 11th place when it comes to city liveability. This is because the study found that it has low levels of air pollution, high levels of safety and good general wellness and fitness.

In addition, other findings that comprised in the study include arrival times at work, with employees in Washington D.C. and Hong Kong starting at the latest time of 10.30am while people in San Diego start earliest at 8.09am. As for Singapore, the study found that workers generally clock in at 9.34am on average.

Kisi highlighted that the index does not mean to be a city liveability index or emphasise the best cities to work in. In fact, it looks at providing a guideline “for cities to benchmark their ability to support the fulfilment of residents’ lives by improving the aspects of life that help relieve work-related stress and intensity”.

After reading the results gathered in the study, many netizens voiced their disapproval towards the findings. Commenting on ST’s Facebook page, many of them rubbished the study’s explanation that says that Singaporeans don’t have a work-life balance because they’re dedicated to their jobs. Instead, they said that they’re actually forced to be at work longer.

Others say that there is no such things as work-life balance as they all have to work longer in order to survive in the country due to the high cost of living. Some said that if they request to leave work early, then they might lose their job and end up being unemployed or work as a Grab driver. A few also said that they have to work overtime (OT), which removes their chance of having a work-life balance, and if they refuse to do OT, then they may lose their jobs and have no means to survive in this highly-competitive country.


A bunch even said that the working condition in Singapore is so bad that many end up feeling like slaves because no matter how hard they work, their living standards don’t seem to improve due to inflation and other “ridiculous taxes that the government is intending to add”. This means that they will have to slog throughout their lives.

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Valuation of unlisted assets considered in reviewing GIC and Temasek portfolio risks: Second Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong

The government takes into account the valuation of unlisted assets in GIC and Temasek such as private equity, infrastructure, and real estate when reviewing the overall risks of its whole portfolio of assets, said Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong on Tue (6 Aug).

Responding to a Parliamentary question from Workers’ Party (WP) Member of Parliament (MP) Leon Perera regarding the valuation of unlisted assets in the two sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), Mr Wong said that the valuations are “regularly updated”, and are “in accordance with international accounting standards”.

He added that there is also an annual independent audit of the valuation methodology, and that the independent auditors have not raised any issues to date.

Mr Perera then asked if the government would consider requiring the sovereign wealth funds “to also publish a more conservative figure for valuing the unlisted assets based on the cost of acquisition”, given that the valuations “have been associated with certain amount of volatility”.

In response, Mr Wong stated that “the existing accounting standards are already conservative”, necessitating the valuers to ensure reasonableness and test for impairment.

Currently, Temasek only provides lists of companies that it makes major investments in, classified by industry, and generally states that it has “a 60:40 underlying exposure to mature economies and growth regions” in its portfolio, while GIC does not indicate explicitly its investments, as observed from its website.

Meanwhile, Norges Bank Investment Management (Norway GPFG) — the SWF of Norway and currently the largest SWF in the world — provides a comprehensive and interactive list of its investments by year, region, country and asset class — equities, fixed income, real estate and industry — on its website for the public’s perusal, as seen below:

Norway GPFG currently holds a value of US$1.1 trillion (S$1.5 trillion) in assets managed presently, while GIC and Temasek are valued at USD$440 billion (S$607 billion) and USD$313 billion (S$519 billion) respectively. 

Annual salary of the CEO of the world’s largest SWF made public knowledge; GIC and Temasek top management salaries still kept in the dark?

Earlier in May this year, WP MP Png Eng Huat raised a question in Parliament as to whether there is a maximum threshold for the salaries of key management staff of GIC and Temasek, as well as the range of total annual remuneration, including salary, annual and performance bonuses paid to the top three highest paid executives in GIC and Temasek for the past five years respectively.

Mr Wong replied that as GIC and Temasek are commercially-run companies, the remunerations of their staff are therefore “decided independently by their respective boards”.

“The Government maintains an arms-length relationship with the companies and does not interfere in their operational decisions such as remuneration. Instead, we hold the boards accountable for their respective performances.

“Broadly speaking, both entities adopt remuneration frameworks that are based on performance and industry benchmarks. The salaries are benchmarked to the relevant markets and sectors where the entities compete for talent. This ensures that they can attract and retain capable people,” he said.

He added that the remuneration systems currently implemented by GIC and Temasek “aim to support and reinforce a prudent risk-taking culture”.

“A portion of the remuneration in both entities is tied to long-term performance. This ensures that staff, including senior management, are rewarded for long-term sustained performance, rather than a focus on short-term gains,” said Mr Wong.

However, the question as to how much the senior management of both SWFs are paid remains unanswered.

It is made public knowledge that the annual salary of Yngve Slyngstad, the CEO of Norway GPFG, is US$810,000 (approximately S$1.1 million), and as seen earlier, Norway’s SWF’s website lists in detail every investment made since 1998, when the Norwegian SWF made its first investment.

While it is important for any SWF to retain some element of secrecy in relation to its finances, it should not also be the case such as with Temasek, where details of its investments — including its CEO’s annual remuneration — is classified as a State secret.

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Home Depot Promotion August 2019: Free Scarecrow Planter Workshop on 9/7, 11% Rebate

Home Depot Workshop PromotionHere you’ll find the latest discount codes, coupons, savings, & promotions from The Home Depot. The Home Depot is the one-stop shop for all the items you need for your next home improvement project and we want to let you know about the promotions they have available.

Below we’ve listed some of the best and current promotions available right now to make it easier for you to save money. Make sure you constantly check up on this post to see if there are any new deals listed because The Home Depot always has some kind of promotion going on.

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About The Home Depot

The Home Depot is the most established home improvement retail company in all of the United States. With an absolutely astounding collection of tools, construction products and services for sale, The Home Depot gives its customers quick and easy access to all the items needed for any home improvement project.

Current Home Depot Promotions

Get 11% Rebate On In Store Purchase

Get 11% Rebate On In Store Purchase

The Home Depot currently has a promotion where you can get 11% back on your in- store purchase. This promotion ends on August 10, 2019 so be sure to head in today to get all the home improvement supplies you need while taking advantage of this cool money saving offer!

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Free Scarecrow Planter Workshop

Free Scarecrow Planter Workshop

The Home Depot will have a free kids workshop promotion on September 7, 2019 where your kids can participate in the workshop and get a Free Scarecrow Planter at the end of the workshop. This is a great opportunity for your kids to get out of the house for a day so be sure to register today as spots will fill quickly!

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Bonus $10 Visa GC w/$100 Home Depot eGC Purchase

Get a $10 Visa Gift Card with the purchase of a $100 Home Depot Gift Card

Newegg is currently having a promotion where if you buy a $100 E-gift card for Home Depot, you can receive a $10 Visa E-gift card. If you’re looking to shop at Home Depot in the near future or know someone who plans to, you can get a bonus $10 and get a gift card today. To save even more money, be sure to stack with any available Amex offers that you may have.

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Bottom Line 

No matter what you need, The Home Depot has got you covered on all of your home improvement purchases. If you have to purchase certain items for your project, why not get them at a discounted price?

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Thumbnail Blaster Review

Everybody knows about YouTube, SnapChat, Vimeo and Facebook, these are well-known sites where you can upload and share videos which almost everybody are doing every day. And for those of you who are going into the exploration of money making online, perhaps building your digital marketing career, you should know by now how relevant and…

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Why Restaurant Brands (TSX:QSR) Is Still a Super Growth Stock

potted green plant grows up in arrow shape

Hitting not only a 52-week high but an all-time high of $102, Restaurant Brands International (TSX:QSR)(NYSE:QSR) has realized bullish expectations by finally breaking the $100 seal. The stock looks like it could continue on its upward trajectory, with the potential to reward shareholders not only with its fairly decent 2.59% forward dividend yield, but, perhaps more significantly, through high capital gains.

With a Q2 that beat expectations last Friday, Restaurant Brands is firmly back in the saddle, with investors focusing on the growth potential in Asian markets. A quick snapshot of real-world examples of this increasing Asian footprint includes the opening of Tim Hortons’s 14th Chinese branch as well as a deal that will see the Canadian mainstay entering the market in Thailand.

Investors have had a lot to digest in the past two weeks

Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND), however, has lost 24.6% in the past week, making it a dangerous stock to continue holding. While the company itself has everything going for it, with the possibility to corner the market with its meatless goods and continue making industry-penetrating partnerships, investors would need a pretty strong stomach to stay in the game.

Meatless products are likely to end up dominating the market, however, as a combination of climate concerns, ethical considerations, agricultural constraints, and a changing global economy force the food and beverages market to reposition itself over the coming years.

In short, while Beyond Meat may have taken a recent dive on the NASDAQ, its drive towards increased production and a big marketing push will likely see it deeper penetrate the market.

Food stocks can be surprisingly volatile

Remember: investors can redirect the momentum of food stocks fast — just look at Kraft for a ready-made cautionary tale. While the situation that caused Kraft’s sell-off is a long way away from Beyond Meat’s extraordinary position in the market, anything can happen in the world of food investment, and often does.

Beyond Meat, therefore, has the potential to come back stronger in the latter half of the year, while connected companies — such as Restaurant Brands — are also likely to be boosted in the long term.

Meanwhile, there are other reasons beyond Restaurant Brands’s espousal of meatless snacks to suggest that the fast-food giant will continue to reward shareholders.

From impressive cash flow and the favourable forecasts for sales growth in both the Burger King and Tim Hortons assets, and now with Popeyes now being pushed into the Chinese market, the outperforming parent company is likely to have a protracted growth spurt over the coming years.

The bottom line

Betting against any of the brands controlled by Restaurant Brands doesn’t make a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things. Burger King, Popeyes, and national institution Tim Hortons are as solid as they come, and while upward momentum might not always be strong, the fact is that the Restaurant Brands umbrella can keep investors covered for years to come.

From strong market share to a growing Chinese presence, this could be a downturn-hardy hero.

You might be missing out on one of the biggest opportunities in Canadian investing history…

Marijuana was legalized across Canada on October 17th, and a little-known Canadian company just unlocked what some experts think could be the key to profiting off the coming marijuana boom.

Besides making key partnerships with Facebook and Amazon, they’ve just made a game-changing deal with the Ontario government.

This is the company we think you should strongly consider having in your portfolio if you want to position yourself wisely for the coming marijuana boom.

Learn More About This TSX Stock Now

More reading

Fool contributor Victoria Hetherington has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of RESTAURANT BRANDS INTERNATIONAL INC and has the following options: short October 2019 $82 calls on RESTAURANT BRANDS INTERNATIONAL INC.

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