Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing on Facebook

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Do’s and don’ts of marketing on Facebook

Do’s and don’ts of marketing on FacebookFacebook is one of the leading social media networks, and almost all businesses are taking advantage of it. It has rolled out many tools in the past few years to help brands and businesses connect with their prospective and existing customers. The right tools, used strategically, can help make Facebook be an important part of your marketing, lead acquisition and customer-service strategies. Here are some do’s and don’ts for marketing on Facebook.


  1. Include a call to action:
    A call to action is very important to convert your visitors into buyers. You can use creative words that will change their minds within seconds, like click here, read more, exclusive sunglasses, etc.
  2. Choose an image that represents your brand:
    Due to images and advertisements in newsfeeds, it is difficult to catch the attention of audiences. To get rid of this, your ad should be reflective of your brand. For advertisements, select colors that are incorporated with your brand.
  3. Consistent and simple:
    As you know, you have just a few seconds to catch your audience’s eyes, so don’t confuse them. Facebook ads should be simple to avoid being misleading. Headlines and copies of ads should be consistent with relevant images.
  4. Target carefully:
    Facebook provides demographic targeting functionality when creating ads. You can target your audience according to geography, age, gender, education and interest. You can also target audiences based on their connection, so you can completely focus on your advertisement.
  5. Run A/B tests:
    Facebook ads are small, so if you do a minor change in your ad copy or headline, it can make major differences in your conversion rate, impressions and click through rate. You can create multiple advertisements with a small change in headline, image and ad copy to optimize your audiences.

Do’s and don’ts of marketing on FacebookDon’ts:

  1. Don’t be a follower:
    Don’t follow your competitor assuming they are smarter. To make your business successful, understand your target audience and know your strengths. Be unique with a brand promise which is relevant and meaningful.
  2. Neglect copy:
    Don’t neglect the copy of an ad, because writing ad copy is an art. Be short and sweet. Audiences give a split of second to every brand, so make it impressive.
  3. Image with more than 20% text:
    Be sure to select highly qualified and simply focused image, but there should only be a 20% text to image ratio.
  4. Send mass messages to your network:
    If you are sending a message to your audience, most of them will never see your message. Make sure your message offers a real value. You have to mention your product value in the subject line. Avoid announcements in messages.
  5. Forget to proofread all ads – twice:
    It is a common mistake to look for. You should review you ad at least twice before publishing it to make sure that there are not any types of grammatical mistakes or other errors.

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