The Dos and Don’ts of Email List Building

The Dos and Don'ts of Email List Building

The do’s and don’ts of email list building

The Dos and Don'ts of Email List BuildingEvery marketer’s objective is to increase sales. This will happen by building a trustworthy relationship with your customers. An opt–in email list can be a catalyst for increasing your revenue. The following are some do’s and don’ts of email list building:


  1. Provide the audience with lots of opt-ins:
    Just because e-mail marketing is permission based, it’s not like you can’t get creative in your list building techniques. Make it easy for your subscribers to find the link on your home page or your other web pages. Your opt-in form should be short and concise. Also, use a double opt-in list so that it will ensure that your customers really want to receive your mail.
  2. Use a segmented e-mail list:
    It’s necessary that you reach out to your targeted customers. Using demographics, customer likes and dislikes, your mailing list can be divided. This will help you in targeting customers according to their interests. Always try to communicate in a manner that appeals to them. Your existing opt-in list is the best source for expanding your upcoming opt-in list.
  3. Consider the 4C’s:
    The matter you write should be Clear, Concise, Compelling and Customer-centric. Your audience is not interested in listening to your sales pitch. They need to save time, money and effort. Your content should be short and attractive enough to convince them to sign-up and it must be useful and beneficial so that they are ready for more.
  4. Connect via other Channels:
    Use all other social-media channels to connect with your audience. It is the fastest and easiest way to build-up your list. For e.g., using LinkedIn, you can allow your connections to post their own links to opt-ins. Sharing your opt-ins in the social world can be favorable.

The Dos and Don'ts of Email List BuildingDon’ts:

  1. Do not rent or purchase an e-mail list:
    As a responsible internet marketer, you should never do this. To you it may seem as a time saving task, but it will decrease your status. Also, it may happen that people won’t even open your mail. Always build your relationship from the start. Your audiences should always be aware of what they are getting into.
  2. Don’t forget to create a separate landing page:
    A successful e-mail list building process requires a well-organized strategy. Creating a separate landing page is one of the most important tasks. A separate landing page should be dedicated to your Opt-in form. Promote your free product or provide with some discount offer that will benefit your customers.
  3. Don’t lose patience:
    List Building and management can be a time-consuming task initially. But, losing patience can prove to be a bad sign for you. Once you are into this process, you will surely come up with higher opening rates and remarkable responses. With all this you will enter into a healthier and a more successful marketing campaign.
  4. Don’t share irrelevant information:
    Customers are not interested in reading what they dislike. Never show them information that is full of non-purpose ads or which is irrelevant to them. Only send useful content which is valuable to them, so that they get attracted.

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