5 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketers

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5 advanced LinkedIn strategies for B2B Marketers

5 Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketers LinkedIn StrategiesLinkedIn started as small networking site for B2B businesses and startups with 20 signs ups a day. Over time it has established itself as one of the necessary marketing platform for B2B marketers and has become a virtual business hub.

Everyone on this platform is a professional, so before starting figure out how to market directly to your target audience in order to generate qualified leads through it. Here are 5 advanced LinkedIn strategies which will help you to accomplish this:

  1. Use LinkedIn as a lead generation platform:
    There is a web of social media networks and most of the marketers are still using platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for driving leads. But, LinkedIn is the one that stands out as a success maker.
    For generating leads you need to be intentional, leads just don’t fall into your lap. To achieve this, you can convert your company or business page to a lead generating page.
    Your LinkedIn page acts as the pipeline for leads to visit your brand. Apply certain conversion actions on your page to provide a click through to your website.
  2. Keep the page active and conversion-focused:
    Nothing new to tell. But still there are many, who just set and forget about their page. LinkedIn marketing ensures that your visitors convert into action takers and buyers.
    Having an active page can help you get back your leads in case your landing pages fail through updates. For drawing people’s attention you need to:
    – Post regularly
    – Engage viewers with interactive posts
    – Develop a communicative bond
  3. Create a showcase page:
    Showcase pages are the extension of your company pages which brings a spotlight over your brand, business unit or initiative. With the showcase page on LinkedIn, you can segment the inbound traffic that your LinkedIn advertisement draws.
    Using a Showcase page for marketing on the LinkedIn platform will help you in getting the following benefits:
    – Provide better analytics
    – Higher SERP’s
    – Vanity URL
    – Relevant associates
  4. Save your searches:
    Once you are done with your highly specific and targeted searches, you’ll want to save them. Saved searches help you in staying active. When you create a saved search, not only do you get to find that exact search again, but you can also set up alerts.
    Directly from your advanced search, look for the “Save search” option in the upper right corner. You can save up to three searches and after that you need to upgrade your account.
  5. Focus on groups:
    Singular leads are always relevant but targeting groups increases your chances quantitatively. You can start your own group and create a platform for communication amongst your leads. Or you can look for groups which would help you reap more benefits. Following these steps will be helpful for you:
    – Use relevant keywords for finding groups.
    – Go for the ‘very active’ groups. Redundant groups are as good as nonexistent.
    – Look for an average sized group until you find the best match.

Change is the only constant thing we all know and this universal truth also applies to LinkedIn for business. One needs to keep modifying LinkedIn marketing strategies to stay ahead in the market place.
Follow these LinkedIn marketing tips and you are all set to take off. When you use LinkedIn for business, make sure you are taking full advantage of the perfect platform.

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