3 Mistakes Millennials Need to Stop Making

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A little while ago, I wrote about the mistakes millennials have been making when it comes to copying their baby boomer parents. In that article, I wrote how many millennials don’t know where to start, believe they don’t have much to put away, and can obsess on ways things could wrong rather than just going for it.

Today, I’m going to look at some other ways millennials need to up their game when it comes to investing and some common problems many run into. While the main factor continues to be starting to invest in the first place, there are a few other things millennials should watch out for when it comes to investing.

Not making automatic payments

It can sound pretty great to just put some cash into a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) and just watch your stocks rise. However, a mistake many millennials are making at the moment is not continuing those payments. While many articles here at the Fool focus on putting, say, $15,000 away one time and seeing it rise with an investment in one great stock, that’s not something you should do over the long term.

Instead, whether it’s every paycheque every month or every year, you should have a number in mind that you aim to put away into the portfolio of your choice. That way, it gives you a chance to take a hard look at your portfolio again and again and see whether you want to put your cash back in the same stocks you already have or to diversify further and consider something new.

Not having a goal

Are you still living at home? Do you have student debts? Are you getting married? Have you had children? These are all different types of goals to consider, and are why having those automatic payments are such a great idea. Each gives you as an investor a clear idea with a clear number in mind of where you want your investments to be.

That means this will also create a path to diversifying your investments so that when one area of the markets goes down, other areas will hopefully pick it up unless we’re in a recession. This is a great way to keep moving towards your goal so that you can cash out whenever the time comes that you need that cash.

Not diversifying investments

I’ve been hinting at this throughout the article, but investors need to create a diversified portfolio for the reasons I mentioned. Having some diversification creates a safe means of making money, and there are a few you should look out for. Banking institutions are a great way to see your funds rise on a steady increase, and right now I would recommend Toronto-Dominion Bank as a great option.

The stock is trading well below fair value, with an incredibly promising future outlook. The stock is now Canada’s most American bank, meaning it gives you that wanted diversification, while increasing the company’s revenue growth over the long term. It has also expanded into the area of wealth and commercial management — a highly lucrative area.

I would also consider buying some energy stocks at the moment, as oil and gas prices have sent shares tumbling. A great stock to consider would be TC Energy (TSX:TRP)(NYSE:TRP), which has actually been on a steady increase, even while other pipelines plummet. The company continues to pump out stellar earnings, and when oil and gas gets up and running again, this company will seriously benefit as a pipeline company.

What both of these stocks also offer are dividends. Dividends means you’ll have cash coming in even when the markets are down, and both have a history of steady increases in dividends. That cash can then be used to reinvest into your portfolio, which you can do when those automatic payments come through.

The founder of Microsoft is betting $650 million on this 5G stock…

The founder of Microsoft is betting $650 million on this 5G stock…

Bill Gates has quietly picked up 5.3 million shares of one little-known 5G stock.

Besides being the cofounder of a trillion-dollar company, Gates has amassed the 2nd largest fortune in the world… so when he makes a move this big, it could be worth paying close attention.

But 5G is already starting to be rolled out across North America as we speak, which means you’ll need to act fast to get the full story.

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Fool contributor Amy Legate-Wolfe owns shares of TORONTO-DOMINION BANK.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping’s cousin implicated in alleged money laundering in Australia

It was reported earlier this month that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s cousin, Ming Chai, is currently under investigation for alleged money laundering from China through Australian casinos (‘Xi cousin embroiled in Australian casino money laundering probe‘).

Ming has also been accused to be part of an organized money laundering ring. He is known to be linked to Tom Zhou, who has been implicated in a large casino scandal.

Australian Attorney General told the media that he had ordered an independent investigation into fast-tracked visa approvals for Chinese high rollers visiting facilities of major Australian casino operator Crown Resorts.

The decision was based on reports that casino “junkets” suspected of being linked to organized crime were funneling Chinese gamblers to Crown casinos.

Ming Chai, a nephew of Xi’s mother who has Australian citizenship and frequents Crown casinos, was found aboard a private jet with junket members on Australia’s Gold Coast during a search by domestic authorities in 2016.

Ming himself is also a high-roller. He was reported to have gambled tens of millions in Crown. He is now under investigation by the Australian police as part of broader organized-crime and money laundering probes.

The Australian police are also investigating if any immigration officials have been bribed so as to help in the fast-tracked visa approvals for the Chinese super-rich to gamble and to launder the dirty Chinese money through Crown’s casinos. The Australian police wanted to know if any of these Chinese super-rich are also tied to the Communist party of China.

Replying to the media, Crown said it “absolutely rejects allegations of illegality,” calling them “ill-informed and an attempt to smear the company.” It, however, has pledged to fully cooperate “in any investigation”.


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SKM and PHC to release three new cinema etiquette videos to continue educating movie-goers on graciousness in the cinema

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and Public Hygiene Council (PHC) will be releasing three new cinema etiquette videos (CEV) to raise awareness and inculcate the social norm of being more considerate to fellow citizens, especially in public spaces.

The light-hearted videos will advise movie-goers to silence their mobile devices, refrain from speaking in the cinema, and to bin their trash before exiting the cinema.

The videos will be screened for two years, from September 2019 to August 2021, at major cinema operators that include Cathay Cineplexes, FilmGarde Cineplexes, Golden Village Multiplex, and Shaw Theatres.

“Our cinema experience is not just about the movie, but how we conduct ourselves during and after the movie. Through the videos, we are reminding each other to be considerate in keeping to good cinema etiquette. By being considerate we make the movie experience more enjoyable for others and for ourselves. This is another step to being a greater society,” said Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of the SKM.

The new videos will succeed the previous CEV created by SKM and PHC that featured SKM’s notable duo, Ben & Bang. The previous video was screened from July 2017 to June 2019, and was watched more than 30 million times.

“Cleaning up after ourselves by binning our trash is not a revolutionary or complicated task. A simple act like this goes a long way in keeping our public spaces clean. Binning our trash once the movie is over is another gracious step we can take to keep the cinema clean for others and reduce reliance on cleaners,” commented Mr. Tony S Tan, Executive Director of the PHC.

“We have noticed a drop in the amount of litter collected after movie screenings in the past two years since the screening of the Ben & Bang CEV. Our cleaners now spend less time clearing the halls after movies. In addition, our cleaners have commented that movie-goers have made their jobs easier by throwing their trash directly into the bins stationed near the exits,” remarked Ms. Delphina Chua, Operations Manager of Golden Village Multiplex.

“Cathay Cineplexes has been using static visuals on screen before the start of a movie as a reminder for patrons to be respectful of cinema etiquette such as cleaning up after themselves, putting their phones on silent and refraining from talking during the movie. We hope that the new series of CEVs which addresses the various behaviours in a light-hearted way will continue to serve as a reminder and encourage our patrons to do their part to ensure an enjoyable movie-going experience for all,” noted a Cathay Cineplexes spokesperson.

Each video will be 15 seconds long, detailing the protagonists engaging in behaviour such as constant messaging on their phone, non-stop talking, and tossing items haphazardly. However, when it comes to watching a movie in the cinema, the protagonists stop misbehaving so that those around them can have an enjoyable experience.

Watch the new video here:

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Hong Kong police round up activists as major demo called off

by Aidan JONES / Jasmine Leung

Prominent Hong Kong democracy activists including a lawmaker were arrested Friday in a protest crackdown — a move described by rights groups as a well-worn tactic deployed by China to suffocate dissent ahead of key political events.

The sweep comes after a major rally planned for Saturday was banned by police on security grounds, and then called off by the organisers.

The latest protest had been due to mark the fifth anniversary of Beijing’s rejection of a call for universal suffrage in the semi-autonomous city, sparking the 79-day Umbrella Movement in 2014.

Hong Kong has been locked in three months of political crisis, with increasingly violent clashes between police and protesters that have prompted an escalating intimidation campaign from China.

Two of the Umbrella Movement’s leaders, Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow — both still well-regarded among the city’s youth — appeared in court accused of “inciting others to take part in unauthorised assembly” among other charges, having been arrested in dawn swoops on Friday.

After receiving bail, they spoke outside the court and Wong vowed to “continue our fight”, railing against the “chilling effect” of the arrests on opponents of Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed government.

Authorities are “trying to create white terror” to scare people away from participating in the social and democratic movement, he added — deploying a term used for China’s efforts to fragment and harass the protesters.

The European Union’s diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini on Friday said the developments were “extremely worrying”.

The day saw rolling arrests of leading pro-democracy voices, including lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai, who advocates greater political autonomy for Hong Kong, his Civic Passion party said in a Facebook post.

Police confirmed that a 35-year-old man surnamed Cheng had been held over “conspiracy to cause criminal damage” linked to the storming of the city’s parliament in July.

Pro-democracy campaigner Rick Hui — a district councillor — and former student leader Althea Suen were also arrested separately, while vocal independence campaigner Andy Chan was detained at Hong Kong’s airport.

More than 900 people have been arrested in connection with protests since June.

But that has failed to snuff out a leaderless movement, which says freedoms in the city, unique within China, are being eviscerated by Beijing.

Amnesty International decried Friday’s “ludicrous dawn swoops”, describing them as “scare tactics straight out of Beijing’s playbook”.

Police spokesperson John Tse denied the slew of arrests were timed specifically to defang the weekend’s protests as “totally false.”

Defy the ban?

Hong Kong’s crisis-hit government has refused to back down over the protests, which have by turns seen millions march, closed the airport and left city streets strewn with bricks and shrouded in tear gas.

What started as a pushback against a bill allowing extraditions to mainland China quickly morphed into wider calls for democracy and police accountability.

Bonnie Leung of the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), the organiser of Saturday’s banned rally, said it had “no option but to cancel the march”.

However, pockets of protesters have vowed to hold creative events at the scheduled time and place to sidestep the ban.

Those included a mass shopping trip, football match and impromptu religious gatherings in downtown Hong Kong, while a YouTuber with 800,000 followers called a fan meeting.

With a hardcore minority among the protesters, mainly young students, unlikely to heed the police ban, the weekend could be poised for renewed violent clashes.

Student protester Kelly, who wanted to be identified only by her first name, said the arrests would not cow the movement.

“The police think there are leaders behind the protests and this will stop us,” she said.

“We are our own leaders and we will keep coming out.”

On Sunday, the city saw some of its worst clashes, with running battles between a core group of radical protesters, armed with bricks and Molotov cocktails, and police wielding batons, rubber bullets and tear gas.

One officer fired a warning shot — believed to be the first live round used during the protests — as a mob with sticks set upon several policemen.

The violence has damaged Hong Kong’s reputation for stability and prosperity.

China has responded with a campaign of intimidation and state-media on Friday reported that fresh military anti-riot drills were held across the border in Shenzhen.

Businesses in the financial hub — from airline Cathay Pacific to the city’s metro operator — have also been squeezed by Beijing for harbouring apparent supporters of the pro-democracy movement.

Cathay sacked several staff over the protests and on Friday the airline went further, threatening to sack any staff who join a scheduled two-day strike next week.


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