China lashes Taiwan over offer to Hong Kong protesters

China slammed Taiwan Monday for offering asylum to Hong Kong people facing prosecution for involvement in anti-government protests, telling the island’s leaders to “stop meddling” in the territory’s affairs.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen voiced support last month for granting asylum to some Hong Kong protesters, with the semi-autonomous financial hub in the midst of an unprecedented political crisis.

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Chinese cabinet’s Taiwan Affairs Office, warned Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party to “stop undermining the rule of law in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs, and stop indulging criminals in any way”.

Taiwanese authorities “ignore the facts and reverse black and white, not only masking the crimes of a small number of Hong Kong militants but also fuelling their arrogance for destroying Hong Kong”, said Ma.

Last month after dozens of Hong Kong activists reportedly involved in an unprecedented storming of the city’s parliament fled to Taiwan, the Taipei said it would provide assistance to those seeking sanctuary.

“They openly claim to provide (protesters) asylum, making Taiwan into a ‘haven sheltering criminals’, where does this put the safety and welfare of the Taiwan people?” asked Ma.

Beijing regards Taiwan as a part of China awaiting reunification, but the island is a self-ruled democracy.

The protest movement in Hong Kong was sparked by widespread opposition to a plan for allowing extraditions to the Chinese mainland but has since morphed into a broader call for democratic rights.

Taiwan’s history of providing sanctuary to Chinese dissidents has been mixed.

The island still does not recognise the legal concept of asylum but has, on occasions, allowed dissidents to stay on long-term visas.

Ties with Beijing have soured since Tsai came to power in 2016 because her party refuses to recognise the idea that Taiwan is part of “one China”.


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SociJam Review

It is a fact. You can’t deny that part of people’s daily routine is opening their social media accounts. Of course, Facebook is on top of them. Facebook has over 2 billions of users, and it is considered the most powerful social media today. This is the reason why most of the businessmen take Facebook…

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PAP’s “inbreeding of ideas” produces “defective policies”; new ideas should be incorporated into S’pore’s political “gene pool”: SDP chief Chee Soon Juan

The “inbreeding of ideas” within PAP has produced “defective policies” for Singapore in the last 15 years, resulting in “a malformed economy”, said Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan.

“The autocratic effort of keeping the political bloodline pure within the PAP has produced a society unable to respond to changes and begun the slow but certain undoing of this country,” he added.

Quoting an article by TODAY in 2015, in which Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reportedly said that Singapore will face three crucial challenges in the future: namely the economy, population growth, and national identity, Dr Chee argued that Singapore is already currently struggling with said challenges presently.

Analysts at Japanese financial group Nomura were quoted by The Business Times as saying that restructuring has failed to boost Singapore’s productivity, and that the Republic’s slow economic growth is predicted to last “until the end of this decade”.

This was even acknowledged by Mr Lee himself, according to Dr Chee. Mr Lee was quoted by CNA as saying in 2017 that “we are feeling the pains of restructuring”, and have yet to see the “dividends of our hard work”.

“After 15 years, and we’re still not seeing results,” said Dr Chee, adding that Lee “had formed seven sub-committees and consulted more than 1,000 individuals to help him draw up the plan”.

“In any private organisation, he would have been fired a long time ago,” he said. “If for the last 15 years, the PAP cannot figure out how to improve productivity and the economic situation, what makes you think that it can do so in the next five?”

While it is known that increased productivity equals economic growth, Dr Chee highlighted that even the mainstream media have reported that Singaporeans are generally under great pressure when it comes to working.

Business Insider, for example, reported as recently as in Mar this year that “92 per cent working Singaporeans are stressed”, while TODAY reported that Singaporean workers are “among the most stressed” worldwide. Singapore Business Review reported in 2014 that 6 in 10 Singaporeans surveyed were overworked and underpaid.

Citing an International Labour Organisation survey, which revealed that only 19 per cent of Singaporeans look forward to work daily, Dr Chee questioned: “How are you supposed to increase productivity when our workers are overworked, are the most stressed globally, and don’t look forward going to work?

“How does PAP [People’s Action Party] deal with this matter? It raises the cost of living, brings in even more foreigners to increase our population to 10 million … and Mr Lee pours gasoline on the fire by telling everyone to steal everyone else’s lunch,” charged Dr Chee.

Economics professor Linda Lim, in analysing the Committee for the Future Economy, said that what it doesn’t address is why all of the previous plans of the committees did not succeed, and why the government continues to make more of such plans under such committees.

“They’ve been saying the same thing in different words,” she said, as seen in the video posted by Dr Chee.

Citing Bloomberg’s report in may this year, Dr Chee said that at this rate, “Vietnam’s economy could soon overtake Singapore’s economy by 2029” based on DBS Bank Ltd.’s findings.

“That’s only 10 years from now. think about it,” he warned.

Singapore’s birth rates last year “lowest in the nation’s history”, patriotism weakening among young Singaporeans: Dr Chee

Just this month, even PAP’s Women’s Wing acknowledged that high cost of living deters Singaporeans from having children, Dr Chee noted. Singapore’s falling birthrates indicate that it is possible that the “proportion of older folks may be double than younger ones” in a decade from now. 2018 saw the lowest birthrate in Singapore’s history since independence, at 1.14 births per woman of childbearing age.

“Again, what does Mr Lee do? He raises prices and taxes on a slew of items in the last few years – including school fees – and will hike the GST to 9 per cent next year,” said Dr Chee.

Issues stemming from the government’s open-door policy towards foreign labour and scholars have also posed as a hindrance in building a solid national identity, he suggested.

Citing a CNA report in 2007 — in which it was revealed that 37 per cent of younger Singaporeans surveyed don’t feel patriotic, and more than half of them would emigrate, given the opportunity to do so — Dr Chee said, “Are you surprised that our people don’t feel loyal to Singapore when you flood this country with foreigners to unfairly compete with them for jobs?”

“Companies in Singapore are discriminating against Singaporeans, can you believe it? Even PAP MPs have admitted that locals are disadvantaged when it comes to finding jobs,” he added.

Dr Chee further said that given that the government is funding the studies of foreigners via scholarships “to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars” while raising the school fees of local students, it is absurd to “expect people to have a strong sense of national identity”.

Other arrangements made under the government’s open-door policy include the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) — under which Indian nationals are recruited to work in Singapore, and Certis Cisco being allowed to recruit graduates from Taiwan as auxiliary police officers — encourage more foreign PMETs to work in Singapore “even as our own PMETs cannot find jobs and are increasingly turning to driving taxis and Grab cars”, he added.

Injection of new ideas will expand S’pore’s “political gene pool”, ensure survival of S’pore society

Using the example of the Habsburg Monarchy in Europe some centuries ago, whose members married one another to keep their power within the family, Dr Chee pointed out that the inbreeding resulted in successive generations having congenital defects, such as in the case of Charles II of Spain, who had an unusually small heart and some intestinal problems, among other conditions.

“The royal line ended with his early death,” said Dr Chee.

“Science has shown that species with small gene pools don’t allow diversity and variety, and are prone to getting wiped out when an event favours one trait over the other,” he stressed.

Thus, said Dr Chee, “we must create a large and robust pool of ideas so that when circumstances change, we as a society don’t get wiped out”.

“This is why SDP has come up with alternative new ideas on how to raise productivity, rejuvenate our economy, lower the cost of living, provide affordable healthcare, educate our children, and so on,” he said, adding that “the only way that we can do this is for SDP to get into Parliament at the next round and stop PAP inbreeding”.

“The PAP is bankrupt of ideas, and I’m not exaggerating or indulging in PAP-bashing … I’m putting this all together and connecting the dots for you so that you can see the whole picture, not just bits and pieces here and there that may not make any sense.

“This is the job of the opposition — to help our people see what’s going on and understand where we are headed, to warn the people of the problems that lay ahead,” said Dr Chee.

Chee Soon Juan previously highlighted plight of elderly Singaporeans living in poverty

Citing Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s election promise in 2015, in which Mr Lee said that elderly Singaporeans “deserve peace of mind in their golden years” and “to live out their years with dignity”, Dr Chee, in a video on 30 Jul, highlighted how after the last election until today, senior citizens “are having difficulty in making ends meet”.

This can be seen in the number of seniors working as cleaners, as Dr Chee had shown in his video, which he had attributed partially to the government’s policy of not allowing “retirees to take back their CPF savings at 55 years old”.

While the CPF Board retains Members’ money at 55 for the purpose of the CPF LIFE annuity scheme, Members will only be able to obtain monthly payouts after the “payout eligibility age” at 65 from CPF Life, and only after making an application to the CPF Board, as illustrated by a TOC reader earlier this year.

Drawing attention to the tragic plight of elderly Singaporeans who “live in poverty” as a result of not being able to withdraw their CPF savings at 55, Dr Chee observed that some of them “have to sleep on the streets and McDonalds because they are homeless”, and that many of them have also contemplated resorting to suicide as they could “find no way out” of their bleak financial situation.

The number of suicides among elderly Singaporeans reached “a record high” since 1991 in 2017, with 129 senior citizens aged 60 and above having taken their lives, as reported by the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) a year ago.

Younger generations are not spared from the negative effects of the PAP’s policies, according to Dr Chee, as many “are turning to driving taxis and Grab cars” due to retrenchments, which many have attributed to the PAP’s open-door “foreign talent” policy.

Dr Chee also reiterated the multiple rising costs of basic necessities such as the 30 per cent increase of the water tax, as well as increasing town council fees and public education fees as an example of how the PAP will “make you pay and pay”.

“Before elections, it [PAP] will lower the price of this and that, like giving you kopi for 50 cents and get your vote. But after the elections, it will increase prices again and more, then take back the money it “gave” you before,” he charged.

“Before elections, it will give you a chicken wing. After elections, it takes back a whole chicken,” added Dr Chee.

The post PAP’s “inbreeding of ideas” produces “defective policies”; new ideas should be incorporated into S’pore’s political “gene pool”: SDP chief Chee Soon Juan appeared first on The Online Citizen.

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NUS asked to explain fee increases despite having huge reserves; it replies it didn’t increase this year

On Thursday (15 Aug), a member of the public Ivan Goh Sian Lung wrote to ST Forum complaining that despite having billions of dollars in its reserves, NUS continues to increase its tuition fees putting pressure on Singaporeans.

“It shocked me to find out that the National University of Singapore (NUS) has been increasing its tuition fees for Singaporean students every year since 2015,” Mr Goh wrote.

“For example, a graduate student doing a computing research programme admitted in 2015 pays $8,600 a year, while a student in the same programme admitted this year pays $9,500 a year, an increase of 10.5 per cent.”

Mr Goh added that the cost of accommodation and food in NUS’ hostels and residential colleges has also continuously been increased. “All these increases add up and put pressure on Singaporeans,” he said.

At the same time, Mr Goh noted that the reserves of NUS has increased from $8.5 billion in the previous year to $9.5 billion in its financial year that ended in March last year.

“Why are Singaporean students paying more despite NUS’ reserves? Are government tuition grants not sufficient to offset these yearly increases?” he asked NUS.

NUS: We didn’t increase fees this year

Probably fearing it would become an election issue in the upcoming GE that might be detriment to his bosses upstairs, the Senior Vice-Provost of NUS, Prof Bernard Tan Cheng Yian, quickly replied. His reply was published today (‘2019 academic year: No tuition fee hike for most NUS undergrad courses‘, 17 Aug).

Prof Tan started off with the usual motherhood statements saying that NUS is “committed to providing an affordable, high-quality education to all our students, regardless of their financial background”.

He revealed that presently, Singaporean students only pay about 25 per cent of the total cost of an undergraduate education.

“Tuition fees are reviewed annually to factor in cost inflation and to maintain the relevance and quality of education. Any fee increases will affect only new cohorts and not current students. Notwithstanding, for the 2019 academic year, most of our undergraduate courses did not see any increase in tuition fees,” he said.

“Further, lower-income students can apply for various bursaries to further defray course fees. These include Ministry of Education-funded bursaries as well as those funded by NUS through our fund-raising efforts.”

In 2018, 28 per cent of students or about 8,800 undergraduates received scholarships and financial aid, he disclosed. Of the 8,800, more than 90 per cent paid less than $5,000 in tuition fees with a third (about 3,000) paying no tuition fees at all, he said.

With Prof Tan’s disclosure, that means 22,600 students last year had to pay more than $8,000 in tuition fees.

It’s not known what NUS is doing about the huge reserves it has garnered over the years. Perhaps earning higher interests to pay people like Prof Tan?


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